ERP Training Resources

The following pages are intended to form a complete course for beginners on ERP pre-processing and analysis in MATLAB. The course assumes no prior knowledge of MATLAB or ERPLAB, but does require a basic understanding of EEG/ERP data and pre-processing stages. The steps here follow guidelines for optimal ERP pre-processing steps in the order sppecified by Luck & Kappenman, taking into consideration the important concept of linear and non-linerar operations.

The course is split into X parts. Each part is intended to only last a couple of minutes, allowing you to dip in and out as required. The format is (mostly) consistent across each parts as follows:

  1. A brief description of the pre-processing operations;
  2. A video to guide you through conducting the pre-processing operation(s) via the user interface (UI);
  3. The code equivalent of the pre-processing steps conducted;
  4. A complete script, compiling all pre-processing operations conducted up to (and including) the current page;
  5. An example dataset (so that you can have a go);
  6. Where relevant, a brief activity or task to consolidate understanding.
  7. A written summary of the operation, reflecting gold-standard pre-processing reporting (1);
  8. FAQs


You are free (in fact, welcome) to use all and any of the resources on these pages. Everything is released under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License which means you can do anything you want with these materials and can change/adapt them in any way you like, as long as you acknowledge that you got it from here. My primary motive for creating these pages was to pass along all the help and guidance I received whilst first learning EEG. Nonetheless, I’ve been told to be more career-minded and say that citations would be immensely useful to me if you use my scripts or tutorial for your data analysis, as I am early stage researcher still at the bottom of the academic food chain.

Creative Commons License Cite as Lewendon, J. (2023). ERP Training Resources.

Footnotes #

(1) See Appendix A for the complete pre-processing paragraph that reflects the exact pipeline followed in this tutorial. You are welcome to copy and paste either this, or the text lines provided for each stage in its exact format into your work (in fact I encourage you to do so to improve ERP reporting standards), so long as you cite these resources in your paper.